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Nationwide Process Service and Investigations

$50 Process Service in most metropolitan areas $100 Nationwide

First attempt made within 24  hours (our goal)


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Your affidavit of service will be emailed to you along with an invoice after completion

About Us

Nationwide Process Service is an established business providing service for attorney's and clients since 1990. We offer a "complete service" to our attorneys/clients. We provide nationwide service of process as well as a full range of private investigations. Our couriers make daily pickups and deliveries offering a full range of litigation support services outside service of process. Locate and asset searches, surveillance, cheating spouse cases, workers compensations investigations, insurance fraud investigations, locate persons/skip tracing, vehicle repo, service of replevin orders, background and pre-employment checks, armed and unarmed escort service, transportation services, plus much more.  

Process Service


Nationwide Process Service associates are committed to providing you with top notch support. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 

Private Investigations


Investigations on any level is a very sensitive matter.  We are here to help you.

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  We also welcome you to email us your service packet or questions to




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 “... provides quick efficient service on all my cases. Always diligent in finding the subjects for service and I've had no issues with not being able to obtain service. ...also provided me with investigation services at a very reasonable rate. I love the flat fee no hassle pricing on service of process because I can tell my clients exactly what the cost will be. All in all, their service has been excellent and I would recommend their business to anyone.” - Christin S.

“... tireless investigators who will work morning, noon or night in order to get the job done. ... very dependable and someone I anticipate working with in the future. I highly recommend him.” - Michael F. 

“...provides dependable, reliable, cost-effective process service and investigation work. I can always count on them to be efficient, available, and diligent. Moreover, they have good ideas about how to get the work done in the most cost-effective manner for my clients. Above all, they "get the job done". I tell people that if I knew they had paper to serve ME, I'd just call them up and tell them where I was because I would know that they WILL find me!!! ...always very responsive to our needs especially in the highly sensitive area in which we work. Always has good ideas about how to get the job done and is extremely dedicated to a positive result.” - Christine C.

“... diligent, persistent and very knowledgeable in their work. I utilize their services whenever I can make the choice. They also give a great value.” - Daniel F.

“... has been an excellent asset and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone without reservation. They understand what I want and need, and take care of what I need to have done quickly and expertly. They are reliable and get things done on time even when it isn't convenient or easy. Constantly looking for innovative ways to carry out their work and keeps me informed about the status of the work they are doing for me. ...knowledgeable, but always willing to listen to my requests and my feedback. I truly enjoy working with Scott and consider him a friend.” - Vikki L.

“Prompt and excellent service. Never had a problem.” - Cesar M.

“...they never let me down! ...super polite and I have only received positive responses from my clients. I have referred them to numerous other attorneys - he is dependable and gets the job done!” - Carly B.

“I highly recommend Nationwide. They are the only process servers that I will work with from now on. They "always get their man", so to speak and you cannot find a better value or higher quality service anywhere!” - Shelley P. 

"I met a Nationwide rep at a Networking Meeting last summer. What I noticed immediately was how interested he was in my business, and how eager he was to help. I had worked with other process servers in the past, but never with his knowledge and enthusiasm. The next time I needed a process server, I contacted him. I provided him with some basic information, and he hit the ground running. He was able to find a prior defendent in a case that had been unable to locate for years. It was very time consuming on his behalf, but he kept me updated throughout the process. I have continued to utilize Nationwide for every case I need served. He proves to be knowledgeable and dependable, and will do anything that is necessary to get the job completed succesfully.” - Jennifer L.

“...very professional and gets the job done fast!” - Michael A.

"...very experienced, dependable, gets the right result - quickly, and is priced reasonably. I'd recommend them to any attorney looking for private process." - Stephen S.

“... has worked for me on several occasions. He has been prompt and professional. Most of all, each time I have given him process to serve, he got it done in a timely manner.” - David S.



Additional Information


The most popular Process Server questions.

Top 10 answers about Serving and Preparing legal documents!

1. What can you serve?

We serve anything a registered process server is allowed by law to serve, for example:

  • Summons and Complaints
  • Small Claims
  • Evictions (unlawful detainers)
  • Bank Levy Writs (3/30 Day Notice to Quit)
  • Divorce / Family Law
  • Restraining Orders
  • Subpoenas
  • Legal Notices

2. Where can you serve?

We serve anywhere throughout the United States, and have the capability to serve in many areas outside of the United States.

3. How soon can you serve my document?

As soon as we receive your document, it will be assigned to a process server without delay. To expedite this process, we invite you to email all service documents to - you tell us how soon you need the document served in the email and your email address is then associated with a login and password that will be emailed to you.

4. Are your rates competitive?

Yes! Our rates are hassled free and ethically squared away. $100.00 nationwide and in most major metropolitan areas $50.00. Many clients have had servers in the past gouge them with per attempt fees, mileage fees, etc. We charge one flat fee so that you know what to expect in the end.

5. How many attempts do you make?

Unlike most process service companies that make 3-4 attempts and charge you a fee, we will make an unlimited amount of attempts to get the paperwork served or the paperwork expires or there is NO FEE.  That is what separates us from our competitors.  We have a job to do and do not expect to be paid for not doing our job. 

6. Are your process servers registered, bonded, and experienced?

Yes. All our servers are well trained and carry the necessary licenses to serve. We get the job done right the first time so that you use us again for all your process service needs in the future.

7. What else can McKenna Process Service and Private Investigations do other then serve documents?

  • Legal Deliveries
  • Court Filings
  • Court Research
  • Document Preparation
  • Small Claims Assistance
  • Document Recording
  • Surveillance and Stake Outs
  • Skip Tracing and Locating People
  • Notary
  • Investigations 

What is a Process Server

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Private Investigations

Additional Information



General Investigative Services can range from $50.00 - $300.00 per hour depending on the case.  Plus .61cents per mile.  Please call for consultation.

  • Accident Investigations
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations

(Please Call for a free consultation)

Surveillance $50.00 - $300.00 per hour depending on case

  • Vehicle Reposession Service - $150.00 per hour
  • Transport Services - $150.00 per hour plus .61 cents per mile
  • Armed Escort Service - $200.00 per hour. (two hour minimum)
  • Unarmed Escort Service - $100.00 per hour. (two hour minimum)
  • Replevin Service - $100.00 per order plus locksmith fee. Hourly Fee of $100.00 will apply.

Background Checks

  • $50 Statewide
  • $75 National
  • Skiptracing/Locate Person - $50.00
  • Routine Asset Check - $250 - Hourly Rate May Apply - Please Call for details.
  • Motor Vehicle Check - $50.00
  • Employment Search - $300.00
  • Bank Locate - $300.00
  • Marriage Search - $50.00
  • Warrant Research - $75.00
  • Wants and Warrant Search - $50.00
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup - $50.00
  • Business Search - $75.00

The Life of a Process Server