Evictions as of 04/29/2020

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At McKenna & McKenna we strive to keep your costs to a bare minimum while providing you with the professional legal services your apartment community needs.

The average attorneys’ fees for a residential eviction filing from the beginning until the Sheriff’s Deputy removes the tenant are under $200 for conventional uncontested evictions for non-payment of rent.

Costs consist of the county filing fees, the sheriff or process server to serve the summons and petition and if necessary the cost for the Sheriff’s deputy to remove the tenant from the premises.  These costs are additional and vary by county. 

In the event the case is contested or perhaps the tenant files a counter claim, the fees and costs may increase.  The vast majority of evictions are uncontested but at McKenna & McKenna we strive to keep your costs to a minimum.  No additional charges will be incurred unless the client authorizes further work. 

Phone and office consultations are always free of charge as is postage and copies. 


Step 1:  

File your case with us so that we can have the judge set a court date.  Once we receive the summons and complaint from the clerk we will have the Sheriff or Process Server serve said documents.  We will keep you informed along the way of progress.


Step 2: 

After you have received your day in court and a judgment has been awarded to you, there are times when a tenant refuses to leave.  Click the below button to have the tenant physically removed from the unit after 10 days has lapsed.

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